How to Determine the Right Mobility Van to Buy


Even if you are mobility-challenged, you can still continue driving on your own if you have the right vehicle. Today, any vehicle you have can be customized to make it suitable for mobility-challenged drivers. You have the option of buying a minivan or full-size van if you would not like to convert your existing vehicle. Full-size vans and mini vans are the best vehicles adapted for the needs of mobility-challenged drivers. However, some mobility-challenegd drivers do not like the vehicles. These drivers usually prefer the more stylish looking crossovers and sedans.

It is important to select the right type of vehicle that will fit your disability and lifestyle. Your health and finances can be impacted by the type of vehicle you go for. Thus, inasmuch as you may prefer style and appearance, functionality should be the main factor to consider when choosing a mobility vehicle. To determine whether a particular vehicle will be right for you, consider the severity of your mobility challenge.

How Severely Mobile-Challenged Are You?

You can determine the right handicap vans to buy based on how severe your mobility challenge is. If you can move around without the need for a wheelchair, of have good upper-body strength, some of the solid options you can consider include SUVs, coupes and sedans.

If you do not need a wheelchair but are mobility challenged, you will find the seat height of sedans and coupes a relief. Moreover, all-wheel drive SUVs will be safer options if you are bound to travel in the rain or snow. Watch this video at and know more about mobility vans.

If you have a van with a ramp that can get you in and out of the vehicle, height will not be an issue if you rely on a wheelchair for mobility. If where you live frequently experiences wet weather, choose a minivan that is an all-wheel drive.

Cost issues are the main reasons why most mobility challenged drivers go for mobility vans, sedans and coupes. Vehicles that have been fully converted to be wheelchair-accessible are costlier than unconverted ones. However, the decision on which vehicle to go for will lay with you. If your mobility challenge is minor, you may fare well with a sedan.

Before opting for a specific vehicle, talk with your family to hear their recommendations. A mobility dealer can also advise you on the best vehicle that will be right for your situation. For even more mobility, choose a vehicle with a scooter stowage lift.

You need to research well to determine the right mobility vehicle to go for. You can know the right van to purchase by considering both your mobility and financial state.


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